Home-based Travel Consultant

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Home-based Travel Consultant

Post by jortigas on Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:51 pm

You can become a home-based travel consultant as an independent contractor without leaving your favorite sofa. The best thing about being your own boss is that you’re not only going to take the role of a travel agent but you’re also the accountant, the marketing agent, and the sales person rolled into one and you will enjoy all the credit when you start earning money. And since you are an independent agency, all your business cards and letterheads should feature your company name.

Many people want to succeed in a travel career as a consultant because it commands the best pay and opportunities for advancement but first you must have a certification in travel consultancy in order to get the job. A Master’s degree in Business Administration that focuses on tourism and travel is vital if you want to self-employment. Build a resume with your extensive knowledge about a particular destination. Decide which career you want to pursue and check your local university or colleges about the education or programs that specializes in travel consultancy because the higher-paid positions also require an advance degree. Do volunteer jobs or learn a second language to bolster your resume as a language expert or translator. Travel extensively and use it to enhance your area specialty and become an expert in that area’s culture and language.

Your first customer will be your family and friends because it’s a great way to practice your sales pitch and telephone demeanor. Ask about what they want to do on their holiday and suggest resort offering the facilities they can enjoy their hobbies because if you meet their holiday needs to their satisfaction they will refer you to their friends.


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