How To Get A Girls Phone Number- 3 tips

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How To Get A Girls Phone Number- 3 tips

Post by jortigas on Sun May 23, 2010 5:26 pm

Getting a girl to like you enough to give you her phone number is not that all too hard but why are guys so frustrated that they can’t seem to know what to do? By using these tips below, you will definitely get her number easily. Just don’t stress yourself too much so that you will not do the wrong thing and spoil the whole dating thing.

First off, you have to get as much information about the girl so that you can talk about a lot of things she likes to make her comfortable with you. Remember, it’s all about her. Give her your full attention because she will like you if you speak with her on a common stand. Before you leave you can ask for her number saying you want to talk to her further and she will gladly give you her number. Approach her with confidence because she will be analyzing whether you’re her type of guy.

The easiest to make her feel comfortable with you is by making her laugh. If she needs help you can offer your support but leave out the details so you can ask her number so you can give it to her when you call. Believe me she will be compelled to give you her number.

If you have a good sense of humor, you are on your way to easy access to her number. Engage her in an extremely interesting conversation and draw it towards the angle that she likes. Inform her you would like to continue the conversation over the phone tonight because you have to leave for a very important meeting and you can complete the conversation once you have her number and grab the opportunity to ask her out.


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