The Deep, “Forbidden” Secrets of Female Psychology- 3 Tips

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The Deep, “Forbidden” Secrets of Female Psychology- 3 Tips

Post by jortigas on Sun May 23, 2010 5:30 pm

There are only two known fact when it comes to female psychology, it’s either they like you or they don’t and you can’t be in between that. But the good thing about it is she’s the only one in control of her emotion so if you understand the forbidden secrets of female psychology and do something to change your personality and character, she will fall for you, that’s a fact. The problem with most guys though is that in their quest to get positive approval for their actions they overlooked what women really wants in a relationship.

• Women always want what they can’t have so try to be elusive and unpredictable. They love men who are sensitive and acts like an alpha male not only with her but also in the company of others. She wants a man who is strong and has an attitude of abundance that doesn’t get hung up with fear or rejection. Women want men who are confident, who know what they want and will do everything to achieve it.

• Don’t constantly seek a woman’s approval because of the wrong idea that seeking their approval will get you love in return. Women want their men to remain dominant in the relationship, and have high standards and be a leader so set your own rules and expect her to abide because she should be the one to please you and not the other way around.

• Don’t make the mistake by thinking that if a woman is content with the relationship she is happy because a woman’s feeling needs to be constantly agitated with love, fear, lust and guilt to arouse their animal instinct and to bring about a strong level of feeling and devotion.


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Re: The Deep, “Forbidden” Secrets of Female Psychology- 3 Tips

Post by Dazzler on Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:32 pm

I have always likes your tips and articles. This is another good one and I believe that to make a woman happy isn't that hard if men know them well Very Happy

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