Another way to find someone to love

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Another way to find someone to love

Post by kja888 on Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:28 pm

Find Someone to Love

Are tired of waiting for someone to come along and make you happy? What is wrong with me? Or Questions like how will I ever find true love? How will I know if it is? Do these questions seem a lot like yours? Well, you are not definitely alone, hundreds if not thousands. Although you might disagree, there are simple and practical ways to Find Someone to Love. It is a matter of assessing yourself, what you want, and how relationships should be nurtured. In this commercialized world run by new ideals and canned responses to questions, many forgot about the basic fundamentals of love. In this article, you will find helpful and meaningful ways to find what you want in life and more.

In responses to questions on the outset, we will outline the most important details about these issues and therefore guide you for the quest of your life. If your quest is to Find Someone to Love then you should consider pondering on these:

Question #1: Are you tired of waiting for someone to come along? This is a common pitfall for all concerned. Waiting for someone to love you is an old age game. To love someone is to seek them out relentlessly and with much courage. You cannot just wait to come along and love you; you have to make an effort. Attend a sewing, cooking, baking, or just about anything that includes both men and women. This is great way to meet someone and you got something in common. Compliment him/her on the good points and it is a great start.

Questions #2: Is there something wrong with me? Assessing yourself is wise. If you truly know yourself then why is it that you are still seeking? There is a saying: “Learning to love your self is the greatest gift all”. To be able to Find Someone to Love, then you must have love for yourself. Try to not to eat too much, do exercise, eat good food, have a positive outlook and have determination. If you are miserable and like it that way, it exudes a negative picture of you. If people see that, you are happy, positive, and have a great outlook in life, attraction is inevitable. People like to be around with those and not to be with the negative ones.

Question #3: Will I ever find True love? Everyone deserves to Find Someone to Love, true love. Love is not self serving, positive, and not infatuation. Some say they loved someone and go out to find another one the next year. True love stands the test of time and that depends on how you nurture it. Troubles and strife that test the integrity of love is inevitable, and an old problem too. Many couples stay with their spouse for the rest of their lives, have their share of fights, but stayed on, forever.

Question # 4: lastly, the question that rocks every relationship; How will you know if it is true love? The recipe for true love is quite simple. If you follow question number 3, it is a guide, but there is more: empathy, great listening skills, compliments, humility, and character. All these you must possess or it won’t work. Find inspirations on couples who conquered self importance and become one. No one ever said it was easy, that is why much strength is needed to make it work. No one is also perfect but if you know each others strength and weaknesses, which is a great way to foster relationships. Lastly, do not lose heart when you fail, learn from your mistakes, and admit them to yourself.

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