How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Partner

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How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Partner

Post by Dazzler on Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:09 am

So many of us aim to have a healthy relationship with our partners but sometimes fail and most of the time we don't know what went wrong. The relationship starts wonderfully that we thought we couldn't be happier until it ends up badly. Let's admit it, we oftentimes are thrilled to commit to the person we love but we don't know what to do to to keep them. Being in a relationship is not easy but it's not difficult either. Here are some guidelines for a successful relationship:

Respect your differences

Each person is unique and no matter how compatible you and your partner are there will be moments when you won't get along, which is totally normal. Don't expect your significant other to agree with you all the time so don't fight about it. Compromise and come up with a mutual agreement and handle it like mature people.

Answer for your own happiness

Don't expect too much from your other half and don't blame him/her for your sadness. You should take control of your own happiness. The reason why they are called partners is because they are our life companions. Without or without them we should still be able to find contentment.

Know your boundaries

Give yourselves time and space to do things you like. This is always healthy because there is separation and it is okay as long as you know what your limitations are. Lay down some boundaries and honor it.

Trust your partner

Allow your partner to be who he/she wants to be. Support what he/she wants to do as long as it's for the best and within the boundaries. Trust is food to the relationship. Without it, the bond will die.


Communication is one of the most important factor in a relationship so always keep in touch. Talk about things that you feel you need to talk with your partner. There are so many ways to communicate with our other half in the form of email, text message, or phone call so being so busy should not be an excuse to not reach out with each other.

Be responsible

Always be trustworthy and never give your partner a reason to be jealous or doubt you. Recognize your commitment and be faithful to your significant other. If both parties are devoted to honor their relationship there is no reason for it to fail.

Appreciate your partner

This is an important factor that is usually neglected by both parties in the relationship. Recognize your partner and treat him/her with respect. Say thank you and show appreciation on any efforts shown by your significant other.

Admit your mistakes

Act responsibly and say sorry if you are wrong. Many couples are guilty about this and sometimes the reason why they fight. If you owe your partner an apology, admit you are mistaken and ask for forgiveness.

Spend quality time together

Find time to see each other and spend quality time together. Do things you both love doing as this strengthens your bond. No matter how busy you are, always remember to communicate through text message, email, or phone call to catch up.

Accept flaws

No one is perfect so expect and accept tolerable flaws. If you love your partner you will learn to endure the things that normally make you snap. Since you are in a relationship you have to learn how to adjust to your partner as he/she also adjusts to your attitude and behavior.

Love is a gift. Not an obligation. It should be a wonderful feeling to be in love and our partners should make living simple and easy. If for some reason times are difficult, think of what you can do and how much longer you want to hold on to the relationship. If it is worth saving, fight hard. However, work it out with your significant other. Do not allow yourself to be fooled and taken for granted. The relationship will only work if both parties respect the commitment they made. Remember to love and respect yourself first if you want the same from your partner.

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