How to Survive from a Breakup

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How to Survive from a Breakup

Post by Dazzler on Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:15 pm

Breaking up with someone isn't easy especially if you spent years nurturing your relationship. You lose the person you care about and your life changes. You move out and try to live normal with what you have left after the split. You stop doing the things you used to love doing with your partner because it reminds you of the separation. Sometimes you end up not being friends with your common friends to avoid talking about what happened and how it happened. Some people also break the bond between their other half's family after the relationship ends to completely forget about the pain. There are also cases when you have to get out of town just to get over from the pain and move on. People do so many things to get over the pain and the rejection. However, they don't really try to heal the wounds but run away from the truth that what you thought was a great relationship didn't work out. Here are some tips to survive from the breakup:

Some people are just so afraid and too proud to cry their pain away because they are in denial that they lost the battle. Pain and hurt from a heart break is a normal feeling. You shouldn't be ashamed of shedding a tear. You cry because you are hurt and you are doing it to feel better. You are not really crying for the person who broke your heart so don't hesitate to let that feelings out in tears.

Wipe it out
Just remove all the contact information from your phonebook, your computer, and your cellphone even if it hurts so you won't get tempted to communicate with your ex anymore. When we lose someone we still hope that they will comeback and eventually regret leaving us. I totally get that but what you must understand is that, if you stop denying yourself of your loss, you may end up waiting for the person who doesn't intend to get back with you. So save yourself another rejection and stop hoping.

Talk about it
Breaking up is difficult but isn't impossible. Talk about it with people who cares about you. Come to people you trust who won't judge you. They will understand and help to make you feel better. The more you talk about what happened, the more you feel better for letting the frustration out. For spiritual people, talk to God and He will listen. That is surely what I did that helped me get through my misery.

Keep a journal
Write about how you feel like you are talking to yourself. We see this in movies a lot and it does work. Psychologists actually recommends this because when you write all the things you cannot say aloud, you actually release the pain from your heart. Let it all out and do not hold back. Be completely honest with yourself and whine if you want to. The more you do that the more you get to understand what happened that led to your loss. That realization will help you make the right decision of what you need to do next. Whether you move on and live a better life, or recognize what you did wrong. Either way is best for you and will help mold you into a better person.

Think about what you did wrong and what learned from the breakup. Keep the good ones, scrap the bad ones, and continue learning from the experience. It may not be a good experience but it will certainly keep you aware of what you need to do and what not. Know what you want to look for in a partner that will complement your personality and avoid the ones you dislike. Spend time understanding yourself more so you know what you want in your life.

Pamper yourself
Go out and have some honest fun with your friends or family. Don't think about the breakup and enjoy for once. You deserve to take a break from the sadness and pain. Go shopping, watch a movie, go to the spa, take a hike, go on a vacation trip, buy your most desired gadget, get a haircut, buy new clothes. You will feel good if you look good so pamper yourself. This is going to be a new chapter of your life so be ready for a new adventure and challenges. Believe that someone better will come along so you have to prepare yourself to become a worthy partner!

These tips may not be what you want to do to cope from a breakup so do whatever suits you. You are the one feeling the pain so you should know how to handle yourself better. Just make sure that you become responsible for your own acts. A problem will not be resolved by another problem. Do the right thing all the time if you want to get over from the separation and get out of it a better person.

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